Who better to learn from then someone who has had long standing credible major success, understands the

business, and can help you learn the right Voice Over fundamentals. Sandy Thomas is a 30 year Union Voice Actor

working in New York since 1993. He has signed with some of the top VO agencies in New York and LA.- CESD

NY/LA, William Morris NY, ICM NY, and currently signed to Don Buchwald, NY and Naked Voices in Chicago, with

consistent booking runs and A list status throughout. 

Author of the book "So You Wanna be a Voice Over Star" and a vested member in 

good standing of SAG n AFTRA with 29 years of continuous Union voice over earnings - all freelance. He started

as  a non union Voice actor in South Florida and worked his way up.

Thomas studied at the University of Florida, Gainesville, one of the top broadcasting schools in the US, and

studied under the guidance of famed Voice Actor,  Connie Zimmet 

Sandy Thomas is one of the leading and successful Voice image talents at radio having voiced some of the most

significant radio stations in America from KIIS-FM in LA, to WPLJ, NY, to WDVE, Pittsburgh, WBMX, Boston, WPHT,

Philedelphia, 93X, Minneapolis covering every Top 50 American market, including small market heritage radio

properties like Triple X, Burlington, WBLM, Portland, Maine, and even voicing famous author Steven Kings owned

radio station  WKIT, in Bangor Main, a station Thomas  has voiced for over 28 years and still currently to this day.

Thomas also brings his Voice actor talents to outside the US territories including voicing radio properties all over

Europe from Cork Radio, Ireland, Virgin Hits, London, High Feld Stereo, South Africa and more. His Voice talent launched networks like ESPN2, and MSNBC. He was the NBA voice of "Inside Stuff" for several seasons.  He voiced "How the Lottery changed my Life" for TLC, voiced shows for HGTV, including countless industrial Voice Over work. He was the network voice for HBO and the USA network and was cast as the only In- Show voice on one of televisions most successful reality shows,  "Fear Factor", with an 8 year run on NBC, then years proceeding into syndication, still airing on MTV2. Thomas voiced over 200 episodes with the success of the American broadcast carrying it into Global distribution and one of the most successful shows within the Endemol portfolio of shows. Endemol is one of the leading producers of programming for TV around the world. 

Sandy Thomas has voiced over 40 National Network UNION affiliated Class A commercial campaigns, and in 2016 was picked as a principle Voice on Pappa Johns National NFL commercial  campaign featuring Payton Manning. This will air all over the US on Network TV and National cable. That catagory of Voice Over booking is the biggest it gets in the Voice Over bussness. Thomas says, "booking a Union affiliated Class A, National network commercial as a principle Voice actor, is not easy to accomplish. There are many good talented folks from Union markets like NY, LA and Chicago competing for those jobs. The competitive landscape is brutally stiff.
I thank GOD, and I'm blessed for the opportunity".

Thomas acknowledges his agent team at Don Buchwald, NY. and his agency team in Chicago at Naked Voices. He says, "this bussness is not easy, you need excellent teaching and education, some luck n timing, and a good support system".

Learn Voice Overs by a true champion in the business. 

Thomas says, " Voice Over Acting is a vibrant career choice, and is a lot of fun, but you want to learn  the right skills- how to read copy authentically, how to reach your  "depth of reads" within your talent. There is an understanding you need to harness regarding this".
He says, "I offer a VO learning system that doesn't cost you a crazy out of pocket investment.  Our classes are designed to teach you how to read copy, and build your talent the right way, and have fun while learning. You will read actual copy that working  VO actors are reading in the big cities like New York, Chicago, and LA. The same copy that the big agencies, production companies, and networks are sending to established working Voice Actors. You will see the industry clearly, learn exactly how it's happening/ inform on how to get going and setting up your business. You'll learn both the non union side of the business, and the union part of it. Both are excellent money makers.

Where to Begin

If you're a beginner, or maybe you are a Voice Actor and want to tune up your abilities; perhaps you just want to learn a new hobby, then this class learning system is for you.

Keep in mind you don't have to go into Voice Overs to take a Voice Over class. Our curriculum will help you improve in the areas of public speaking, social interaction, and professional engagement.

Over the years we have taught and developed many people. Listen to there demos here, read there stories".

Teaching Locations

Thomas teaches Voice Over classes in these  areas:
Long Island, New York City, South Florida, Orlando, Jacksonville, Hartford, Charlotte, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, LA, Dallas, Philedelphia and other cities around the country. 

Click here for future class schedule and locations

We also extend our class curriculum to high school students and for higher and extended education at the collegiate level.

For students that want an accelerated program, we offer one on one Voice Acting training.

One on One Curriculum

Private one on one teaching is available. Inquire about pricing, and class scheduling 


Pricing: General VO actor class - $90 per class (for a class size of no more than 12 students) 
Payment options: All major credit cards or Paypal accepted (other payment options can be discussed) /inquire about our 48 hour cancellation policy



Making voice demos depends on your learning curve. Where you are at with your skill level. Historically it takes approximately 6-10 weeks of lessons to fully develop your skills to be ready for demo production.

Voice Actor demos are you resume, demonstration tools you need to start building your career. Demos should not be produced until your talent is commercially viable. Knowing what casting directors, agents, buyers, people who employ Voice Actors, are looking for, I will be able to gauge when you are ready to build your demos.   


​Rachel was a 14 year old ,middle schooler who wanted to presue acting. A talent agent advised that she start building her voice acting skills. Listen to her demo early on in her development.

Stormy came to our teaching system with no experience as a 12 year old potential youth talent. After our development, Stormy went on the sign with CESD, one of the leading youth talent agencies in the world with offices located in NYC and LA. Listen to her demos we produced that got her signed.

​Please note : Seminars, classes or educational based curriculums are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent. 

Rebecca had no experience when she came to our teaching system. After development she went on to successfully become a viable commercial voice actor. Booking national VO jobs for major recording artists like Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Demi Lovato, Madonna and TV shows like HGTV. She has also been hired as a contract voice for many radio stations like WBMX, Las Vegas, The MAX, Louisville, WPHT, Philadelphia, The Nerve Network, The Armed Forces Radio Network and many other VO jobs.


If you want to judge someone's place within a profession, look at their body of work. 

Will was a High School student that had an interest in drama and was looking to develop and sharpen his acting skills and at the same time  his father wanted him to get possess more confidence. On his lesson Will was shy, and hesitant in being able to read copy. After several weeks, Will busted out.


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